Bulk Logistics (Liquids)

bulk logistics

Continuously developing technologies have paved the way for more ingenious and cost-effective methods for transportation of liquids in bulk, thereby meeting a long-standing need of the trade. Today, flexible tanks are the preferred mode of transportation for liquids. In general, some of the liquids that can be transported safely and reliably, with a substantial cost saving over conventional methods, are:

  • Industrial liquids / Detergents / Chemicals
  • Edible oils
  • Mineral Water
  • Wine / Fruit Juices
  • POL
  • Latex

We have zeroed in on a patented product (Flexible Tanks) for the transportation of liquids in bulk form, with a food grade variant, which can be used for edible liquids. Extensive R&D has been devoted to this line of service, to ensure that the customer’s cargo (or his sleep!) is not jeopardised. Send us your enquiries for any bulk liquid movement.