By their very nature, shipping perishables causes extreme anxiety in handlers as well as shippers. Handling perishable requires a structured approach, fail-proof documentation and impeccably planned operations, and, a confident leadership. Over the years, end2end has proved its mettle in this highly risky field, providing clarity and confidence to its customers.

Cut Flowers, Frozen foodstuffs, Diary products, Fresh farm produce, Temperature sensitive cargo, etc are some of the commodities being transported routinely by end2end, both by AIR and by SEA. For Sea transportation in Reefer Containers, the scope of work of end2end covers, include:

  • Survey and selection of suitable container
  • Transportation with gen-sets
  • Temperature monitoring en-route to port

At end2end we do not relinquish our responsibility of the cargo till the reefer is safely plugged in to the Carrier’s port terminal.

AIR shipments call for a thorough preparation and quick processing at Customs and warehouse on arrival of cargo. This is done with clockwork precision by an experienced and dedicated team at the airports.